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Taylor Swift: “THIS is why I love Ellen. And also why I almost had a heart attack at age 19.”

October 31, 2009

Taylor Swift posted on twitter: “THIS is why I love Ellen. And also why I almost had a heart attack at age 19”

Miley is TIRED of insiders and sources

August 21, 2009


John Taylor’s Official Twitter

May 30, 2009


John Taylor’s Official Twitter: JohnLloydTaylor

Demi’s mom!

April 9, 2009


Demi’s mom

Miley Cyrus’ New OBSESSION!

March 29, 2009



Miley Cyrus’ new obsession is TWITTER! Isn’t it everyone’s?? Everyone loves TWITTERING right now, even Miley!

Debby Wants A FRED SHIRT

March 28, 2009



Debby wrote on TWITTER about how she wants a FRED SHIRT.

Emily Does NOT Have A TWITTER!

March 18, 2009

Official Myspace

That’s right! She does not have a TWITTER! That means that all of those posts that OceanUP and I have put up with emily’s TWITTER posted in it is NOT her! So she only has a MYSPACE.

Demi Lovato- New Music Video!?!?

February 25, 2009



Demi said on TWITTER about her shooting a new music video. Cool! So it looks like fans will be seeing a new music video soon!

Emily Osment Wants To Go To The Jonas Brothers’ 3D Movie

February 24, 2009



Emily Osment wrote on her TWITTER about going to the Jonas Brothers’ 3D movie!

Demi Writing New Songs!

February 24, 2009



Demi Lovato recently updated her TWITTER and told fans about here writing new songs. So that has to mean that she is working on a new CD hopefully! Yay!