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Demi’s mom!

April 9, 2009


Demi’s mom

Demi Lovato-Don’t Forget Official Music Video

March 17, 2009

Demi Lovato-Don’t Forget Official Music Video

Demi’s Dance Moves!

March 12, 2009

Demi’s Dance Moves!

Jonas Brothers, Demi, Selena and Miley Pictures

March 7, 2009

Jonas Brothers, Demi, Selena and Miley Pictures.

Behind The Scenes Of Demi’s Cover For SEVENTEEN

February 25, 2009

The behind the scenes of Demi Lovato’s cover for SEVENTEEN magazine prom edittion.

Demi Answered A Fan’s Question

January 30, 2009

Demi answered a fan’s Question

Demi Lovato-“I Can Relate To Sonny”

January 23, 2009


Demi Lovato can’t wait for her new show “Sonny With A Chance” to come out on Disney Channel. “Sonny is a lot like me,” Demi says. Sonny is a little Midwestern or Wisconsin girl and became famous because of the show she is on called “So Random” and Demi is from Texas and became famous because of  a movie she starred in called “Camp Rock.”

Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift-Prom Cover Battle

January 11, 2009


Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are on the cover of this months magazines about proms. Demi is on the cover of “Seventeen” ‘s special prom issue, and Taylor is on the cover of “Your Prom” magazine.

Who pulled it off better?