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Emily Does NOT Have A TWITTER!

March 18, 2009

Official Myspace

That’s right! She does not have a TWITTER! That means that all of those posts that OceanUP and I have put up with emily’s TWITTER posted in it is NOT her! So she only has a MYSPACE.

Emily Osment Wants To Go To The Jonas Brothers’ 3D Movie

February 24, 2009



Emily Osment wrote on her TWITTER about going to the Jonas Brothers’ 3D movie!

Emily Osment Song Writer

February 19, 2009


Emily Osment updated her “Twitter” saying that she feels like writing a song.

Emily Osment New Music Video: “The Hero In Me”

February 9, 2009

Emily Osment’s new music video called “The Hero In Me” from the new movie Dadnapped.